Hello, I'm Kelsey!  And I'm so glad you're here.


Now, where to start?  Well, I like to bake (a lot), take pictures, and stop to make friends with every cat I see.  (kidding...but not actually kidding).

I grew up, and still live, on a pumpkin and apple farm, and think it's one of the most beautiful places in the world.  (sorry parents...I might never move away!)

I graduated from UBC with a BSc. in Geographical Biogeosciences (yes, it's quite a mouthful), and currently work on our family farm picking apples, keeping my parents sane, and slowly collecting stray cats.  Needless to say, I love working outside and growing things...and cats!

Sharing recipes is my first love, and main reason for blogging.  However, I have a passion for crafting, calligraphy and doing my hair....so you'll likely see all of those around here as well!  I'm 100% addicted to making doughnuts, have a weakness for salted caramel anything, and have decided that I definitely should have been born in Scotland.


My Partner In Crime....Jordyn!

Now, it'd be incredibly remiss of me not to mention my very important, behind the scenes, partner in crime....my sister Jordyn!  

Many of the recipes I share here are her brainchildren (haha...is that a thing?), and she'll often be baking while I photograph to make the process that much easier.  She's often the "hands" in process photos, and is my #1 consultant for blog things....as well as life things.  Ha!

I might even drag her into an outfit post once in awhile when she's wearing something extra cute!  So you'll probably see her little blonde head pop up here and there.  And...when I refer to "we", you'll know who I'm referring to!


She likes dinosaurs, novelty items, and sarcasm.