diy: anthropologie-inspired cups

Now I've had the idea for these glasses, as well as all the materials for them, for an embarrassingly long time.  As in, months and months.  I have no clue what took me so long to get my act together, but I'm so glad I FINALLY did.  These babies are so easy, and I love how they turned out!

I'm totally in love with basically everything from Anthropolgie....especially their kitchen stuff.  The only thing that keeps me from going on a crazy shopping spree every time I enter their store is the prices.
Yeahh....their prices are not always pretty, as was the case with these cups.  I saw a couple of other diys kicking around pinterest, and decided that I would give it a go as well!

All you need are cups and paint!  I used paint that was specifically made for glass, as I've heard from several different people that this works better than using any old paint with a sealant, and it worked like a dream!

-glass cups
-glass paint

First I cleaned my cups with rubbing alcohol to ensure I had a good surface for the paint to grab onto.
I used Martha Stewart glass paints, and the applicator made it so easy to just go crazy on the cups. (You can always pour a bit of the paint out, and use a brush instead if you'd rather a slightly more "messy" look).
I painted one colour at a time, and let it completely dry before doing a second, and third coat.  Each time layering the dots over each other!
Then, you can either let your cups "air cure" for 21 days, or follow the instructions on the paint bottles to bake them in the oven!

Update: While the Martha Stewart paint says that it's dishwasher safe, I would stick with handwashing them!

There you have it!  Super cute cups that you can make without breaking the bank.  
I have dubbed these my party cups, and can't wait to break them out during my next get-together!

p.s.   kelsey