outfit post: bows and a backpack

I've decided that when I grow up I must live within reasonable driving distance of the beach.  Preferably walking distance if I get my way.  I don't know what it is, but I just always feel better when I'm beside a gigantic body of water, and I miss it dearly whenever I'm away from it for too long.

This lovely lake is located in Kelowna, and had such pretty mountains surrounding it.  Let's just say that between the lake and all the pretty orchards and wineries...I'm kind of convinced that I could move to the Okanagan.  Just sayin'.

Now, onto why we're really here!!  This outfit is basically a collage of all my favorite things.  Lace, a backpack, bows, a dress, and a pair of oxfords.  I'm really not ready to let Summer go quite yet.  As much as I do love fall, and all the coziness it brings, I really love the whole "no coat" thing.

dress: Charlotte Russe // lace vest: the garage // backpack: claire's // shoes: shine

Oh yeah, and if you love me....please pretend like you didn't notice my disgustingly white feet.  No, I'm not wearing socks.  Yes, that's the kind of weirdo tan you get when you're a farmer.

Also, if you think you see a faint boot tan, glove tan, or farmer tan....please don't mention it.

p.s.   kelsey