weekly wrap-up: fish tacos and deep-fried ice cream

Our family just arrived in Kelowna for a little mini vacay, so this weekly wrap-up is pretty mini!  We decided to have supper at my parent's favorite Mexican restaurant called Hector's Casa.  Man was it amazing.  Like seriously so good...and I'm not even a huge fan of Mexican food.

We sat outside on the patio, and it was adorable!  The owner of the restaurant (Hector...duh) sat us himself, and was so sweet.  All in all, it was just a really good time.

2 things to take away from this:

1)  Fish tacos are always the right choice.

2)  Deep fried ice cream is also always the right choice. (Seriously, it was amazeballs.  It was ice cream stuffed with caramel, rolled in oreo crumbs, deep fried, then topped with chocolate, whipped cream and a strawberry...and there were also cinnamon tortilla chips for scooping this all up.
*This explains why there are an excessive amount of photos documenting this goodness).

p.s.   kelsey