weekly wrap-up: a farmers market and a free concert

This weekly wrap-up is an odd assortment of photos from the past couple of weeks, starting with a farmer's market we visited while we were in Kelowna!  It was a wonderful mix of delicious fruits and veggies from local farmers, as well as tons of quirky crafts.

We also hiked up the Kettle Valley Railway Trail, which gave us a gorgeous view of Kelowna from above, and it was so interesting to walk over the old trestles and through the tunnels!

My dad and I both have geography degrees...so naturally we were geeking out over all of the cool rocks we were finding!  Let's just say my mom and Jordyn were not quite as enthusiastic...

Finally, yesterday Jordyn and I drove into Vancouver to see Tegan and Sara (as well as FUN) with the free tickets that Jordyn won on the radio several months ago!!  The concert was outside, and was so wonderful.  Everyone was so nice and relaxed, all of the acts were amazing, and the weather was beautiful!

The above photo is my attempt at a french braid bun!  It's looking a bit sad and frizzy at this point, but I may just have to do a hair tutorial for it in the future!

I hope all of your weeks were swell, and that your long weekends were/are relaxing!

p.s.  β™₯ kelsey