diy: black and white painted pumpkins

Today I have another simple idea for decorating pumpkins that doesn't involve carving (in case you missed it, I made

dip dyed glitter pumpkins

last week)!  I decided to do some simple colour blocking with black and white, and I love how they came out.



-acrylic paint

-paint brush



First I taped off each pumpkin, either diagonally, horizontally through the middle, or crisscrossing across the top.  Then, I simply painted the areas I wanted black or white, and left them to dry.  I did one coat of paint for the black, and two for the white paint.  Once they were


 dry, I carefully removed the paint.

*Of course I couldn't resist adding a bit of glitter to one pumpkin, and just painted on a bit of modge podge and sprinkled some glitter on!

The possibilities are endless, and I think that silver and gold paint would look pretty awesome as well.

Happy pumpkin painting!


 ♥ kelsey