outfit post: elephant tights

So Fall has definitely arrived on the West Coast!  Which usually means rain, rain, and more rain!
But lately the weather has been pretty good, we almost made it through this photo shoot without any rain! (Almost being the key word here, you may notice the drops on my dress!)

Now I love wearing dresses!  Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring - dresses are always a great choice (Yay for not having to wear pants!)
However, now that it is getting a bit cooler out, I have to my leggies warm.  So it is officially time to break out the funky tights!  I found this awesome pair at Urban Outfitters, and I had to have them.  They are super fun, and easy to pair with dresses or long shirts.

 shirt dress:  bootlegger   // tights:  urban outfitters  //boots: steve madden

And big ups to Kelsey for doing this beautiful crown braid on me!  She is so talented - she did it in like 5 minutes, and it looked gorgeous.  I'm pretty sure I would have struggled with it for about 10 minutes, and then given up (since I have no hair skills, patience, or dexterity).

p.s.  β™₯ jordyn