outfit post: a polka dot trench and yellow fall leaves

Now, Jordyn loves dressing up in "subtle" costumes all the time, and constantly looks for inspiration from storybook characters, comics, and tv shows.  She's hilarious like that.

This outfit is one that I (Kelsey) picked out for her, and I called it her subtle superman outfit!  It's super subtle, since the only thing they have in common are colours....but I tried.

Anyways, I'm incredibly jealous of this polka dot trench coat, and seriously wish we were the same size!  I thought it'd be fun to have some crazy pops of colour, and was delighted when it all came together nicely.  I've been trying to pair different colours and patterns together lately, since I tend to just box myself in with how I wear certain items of clothing.  I know Jordyn was surprised that this outfit worked out, and we were both happy it did.

headband: craft fair // trench coat: virgin mary's // pants: sirens // boots: winners (borrowed from kels)

We're kind of wishing that these gorgeous Fall leaves could just stay all Winter....please?

p.s. β™₯ kelsey (& jordyn)