finding our Christmas tree

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is going out to find and cut down a tree with my dad.  Unfortunately for me, attending university for the last 5 years in a different city usually meant that I couldn't go with him!  So this year I was pretty excited to be around to go with him, and hunt down the perfect tree.

The tree farm we went to is about 2 minutes from our farm, and we've been going there for years.  We love walking around several times, examining each tree before we make a final decision.  

It's serious business, tree hunting.

But for real, we probably take way too much time picking one out!

This year our tree was a funny one, and we actually had to cut it several feet off the ground!  We were hoping our estimating skills were spot on, and that it wasn't going to be super short or too tall.  Thankfully, it was just right.

There really is nothing like the lovely smell of a real tree!


 ♥ kelsey