outfit post: red high-low and too much snow

Funny story.  It snowed way back in December....and I begged Jordyn to help me do a few outfits posts to hoard and post throughout winter so that they actually looked wintery.  Although we do live in Canada, we live just south of Vancouver in the Pacific Northwest, which means a lot of rain and almost no snow ever (unless you're in the mountains of course).

And then mother nature was apparently feeling patriotic with the gold medal win in men and women's hockey in the past few days....and decided to dump a crapload of white stuff down on us.  Not impressed.  I like my snow on Christmas or up in the mountains.  The rest of the time it can just buzz off.

So, while these photos are actually from December, this is what it really does look like outside.

Beautiful, but causing problems everywhere.

lace top: garage // high-low: garage // tights: american eagle // boots: steve madden

I love going shopping with Jordyn, and encouraging her to buy things she might not normally choose herself.  Sometimes she complains that her style is slowly becoming my style...but deep down she loves it. hehe.

And we're still totally into the whole high-low skirt thing.  It shows off your legs and you don't have to worry about flashing your butt when you bend over.  Win win.

Thanks goes to Jordyn for letting me drag her out into the snow to take pictures of her!


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