holga // 1

I purchased a Holga camera a couple of years ago after falling in love with the uniqueness of lomography.  Imperfect photos and light leaks stole my heart, and I knew that I wanted to try my hand at creating film images of my own.  

Now it took me forever and a day to actually fill up two rolls of film and have them developed....as in, it took me a good year and a half.  Yikes.  One of the biggest things that kept me from taking my Holga along with me on more adventures is that I was terrified the shutter being released inside my bag, and ruining potential photos!  So I tried taking it with me when I knew there would be an opportunity to be carrying it in my hands for most of the day.

*And because I'm a noob and was in a rush to load my colour film into my Holga, the frames didn't line up...therefore resulting in some strange double and triple exposures!

The images below are a few that I grabbed in a rush during my dear friend Jenna's wedding day!

I love all of these messy memories, and I can't wait to give my Holga another go with my newfound knowledge!

p.s. β™₯ kelsey