outfit post: the hampton dress

It feels like Summer here, and I couldn't be happier.  Bright, sunny days and long, warm, relaxing evenings.   It's perfection!

Moving on....we are so so excited to have collaborated with Bootlegger for this post!  We love their new Free Spirited Summer collection, which is full of charm, whimsy, and a wonderfully effortless boho feel.

I'm totally in love with their hampton dress.  It's simple and sweet, and yet full of delicate details.  The tiny buttons running up the back of the dress are my favorite!  And I so appreciate the high-low skirt, and the fact that it has a longer length overall.  I feel completely comfortable to run, jump, and frolic around fields without any fear of my dressing flying up.  It's the best.

I never want to overthink my outfits in Summer, and have a weakness for no fuss dresses.  

I kept things simple here by adding a lace vest, a skinny brown belt, and my favorite brown booties.  Nice and easy!


// vest: garage // belt: my closet // boots: hand-me-downs // bracelet: hand-made by me // arrow necklace: forever21

The only unfortunate thing about the constant sunshine is the state of my tan lines.  Let's just say that my farmer tan game is strong.  As in, disgustingly strong.  Not to mention the wicked neck tan I got last weekend in Kamloops (where Clara and I shot a wedding together!  More on that soon!).  Seriously, it is horrid.  And I will admit I totally smoothed it out in photoshop.  No shame.  

It honestly looked like I had painted my neck ten shades darker than the rest of my body.  

Gross.  Sorry for the visual.  



- kelsey

p.p.s. This is the sequel to "Kelsey takes her own photos"!  Ten points to whoever can spot the remote.  Ha!