sunrise session // a white dress

Sometimes your sister let's you wake her up at 4:45am on her one day of the week that she can actually sleep in to go trekking out into a park to take some photos at sunrise.  I'd say she's a keeper!

So I (Kelsey), drive past this park every single day on my way to work (at 5:30 in the morning!), and I'm always astonished at how gorgeous it is all the time.  There's always plenty of mist, and the sun is usually just peeking out from behind the mountains to bathe everything in a soft pink glow.  Every day is a little different, but it's always breathtaking.  

Of course on the one day that we're there to take photos it happened to be the thickest pea soup fog you've ever seen.  And the sun didn't even make an appearance until 6!  Not exactly the scenario we were expecting, but it was gorgeous all the same.

Thank you Jordyn for being my partner in crime and my beautiful model!

(Keep an eye out for part two coming soon!)



 kelsey & jordyn