a vintage affair

Good books, a vintage dress, maple doughnuts, and a beautiful Fall afternoon.  These are a few of my favorite things!

Is anyone else as bummed as I am about how early the sun sets?  In the time it took for us to set up the blanket, books and doughnts, the sun had nearly disappeared!  As much as I love Fall, my heart pines for long Summer evenings.

I am so in love with this dress. Vintagey, feminine, and the neck tie is so lovely. Also, there are totally little pegasi (pegasuses?) on the bottom of the skirt!

I was able to work with Farminista for this post! They are the sweetest online shop that speciazlizes in reworked vintage dresses, unique handmade pieces, and home decor. The dress I'm wearing came from their vintage dress surprise pack, where you receive a dress made from reworked vintage fabric. Each one is unique, so your dress will be a surprise. So fun!

The maple syrup and beautiful tea towel also came from them, and, I'll be sharing a recipe for the delicious maple doughnuts you saw above. I can't wait!
[vintage dress surprise pack | bourbon maple syrup | vintage tea towel | tights: forever21 | shoes: the garage ]