hair tutorial // curly side updo

I FINALLY have another hair tutorial for you.  Let it be known that this was done in our kitchen, with me trying to figure out my sister's studio lights, and using self-timer for every photo because my remote has gone missing... Yep.  It was quite an ordeal!

But here it is!  In the future I'm hoping to maybe do a few video tutorials as well....but let's take this one step at a time.  So, without further ado, here is a tutorial for my curly side updo (as seen in this shoot!).

1)  It's best to start with second day hair for this updo as it will have better texture and hold together better (unless of course your hair tends to get super greasy the second day).

2)  First, you'll want to curl your hair.  Or if your hair is naturally curly then you're a step ahead!  Make sure to curl the very top layer of your hair quite close to the root, so that you get a lot of beautiful texture.  (The rest of your hair doesn't need to be in super tight curls.)  *I added some extensions here for more volume!

3)  Next, grab the back section of hair by your crown, and gently tease for a bit of extra volume.  

4)  Gently smooth teased hair and pin into place.

5)  Choose which side you want your side bun on, and gather 3/4 of your hair into a ponytail just under your ear.

6)  Cup your hand under the ponytail, and slowly raise it toward your head.  This will form a loose, natural bun of hair.  Use bobbi pins to hold the hair in place, and don't worry if it's loose or if some hair falls out.

7)  Now you can fuss with your bun until you're happy with it's shape, and secure it with more bobbi pins.  (*Girls with super thick hair - you might need to separate your ponytail into two or three sections and repeat step 6 and 7 with each one.)

8)  For very loose pieces, wrap them around two or three fingers, and pin the loop into place.

9)  Take the remaining 1/4 of your hair (except for a few of the very top pieces of hair) and create a simple braid with it.

10)  Bring the braid over to your bun, and gently wrap it around the bun, pinning into place.

11)  For the remaining hair, I like to gently twist them so the curls are more pronounced, and then I'll pin them into place.

12)  Again, wrap any loose ends around your fingers to create a loop, and secure with a bobbi pin.

13)  Repeat steps 11 & 12 for the other side.

14)  Check out your 'do in the mirror, and be sure to tweak until you're happy with it!

And the above photo is another example of this updo!  It's definitely my go to updo for fancy parties and things!

If you do decide  to give it a go, be sure to message me!  Or tag a photo of yourself on Instagram with #tfdonme!