raspberry coconut mojitos

Oh man.  This is yet another example in the ongoing saga called "Kelsey excels at procrastination".  These are mojitos.  They have fresh raspberries in them.  Fresh raspberries from our farm.  Fresh raspberries that we picked in July.  My bad.

But better late than never!  And I had so much fun editing these photos, and am so glad that I'm finally sharing them.  

So back to the drink.  There are raspberries, mint, and coconut rum involved!  If you haven't tried coconut rum yet, do yourself a favour and go get some right now.  It's so good, and adds such a fun flavour to drinks.  And good news, frozen raspberries definitely work for this recipe!  Booya.

r a s p b e r r y   c o c o n u t   m o j i t o s

[recipe by: kelsey & jordyn]

Yields: 1 drink


10 fresh mint leaves

1/2 lime, cut into 4 wedges

8 raspberries

2 tbsp white sugar (or to taste) 

1 cup ice cubes (or fill up your glass)

1 1/2 oz white rum (you could use more!)

1/2 cup club soda (or fill up your glass)


1)  In the bottom of a glass, muddle (crush) the mint leaves, lime wedges, raspberries and sugar until sugar has dissolved.

2)  Add ice cubes and rum to the glass.

3)  Top up your glass with club soda.

4)  Garnish with a lime wedge.

Also, can we talk about how I spent two hours of my life trying to create a cute stop motion video of us making this?  Yeah, that happened.  Total fail.  Although I did still make a gif...so there's that!

Anyway, these mojitos are exceptionally easy to make, and just so good.  So go get yourself some coconut rum and enjoy!