diy: adventure time ornaments

adventure time ornaments-3.jpg

More diy ornaments!  And more adventure time!!

I'm obsessed with painting ornaments apparently.  It's just so easy and fun, and I love the handmade touch it adds to your tree!  They also make such great gifts too.  So if you need a super last minute, thoughtful gift, here ya go!

And please forgive me for forgetting Princess Bubblegum's crown!  I was so excited to photograph them, that I didn't realize that I had forgotten it until after.  Oops!


-acrylic paint

-glass ornaments


1)  Choose which characters you're going to paint, and paint a base coat.  You'll need two or three coats of paint to cover the balls fully.  I also recommend doing the lightest colours first, and then doing the darker colours after.  (Ex. For Marceline, I painted two coats of grey-blue for her skin first, and then painted her black hair over the blue last.

2)  Let each coat dry completely, and then go back and add the faces and details.

I hope you're having a relaxing last few days of Christmas!  And are able to avoid all crowded malls and post offices. Ha!

Happy crafting!