sometimes I dabble in website building // clara cecilia photography

Ever since I heard of squarespace, and started this new blog with them, I've been obsessed with creating websites!  (And no...squarespace is not paying me to say this...I just really love them!)  The way they have everything set up is so intuitive, but there's still room for you to do your own custom code if a template doesn't quite have exactly what you are looking for.

So, a few months ago, I hinted to my dear friend Clara, who is the talent behind Clara Cecilia Photography, that I would love to help her update her website if she was interested.  She said yes please, and we instantly started brainstorming!  After a couple of skype dates spent browsing wedding photography sites together, and discussing how she wanted to re-brand herself...I was ready to go!

Clara wanted clean, minimalistic website, and it was so much fun to play around with all the little details.  Big photos were a must, and we set up a few portfolio pages to really show off her best work.

Often a photographer's website is the first impression many of their potential clients will have of them, and I loved being able to work with Clara on creating something that truly showcased her creativity, as well as her heart for capturing love and life through her photos.

Hop on over to her website hereor her facebook site here and show her some love!

I even took the above photo, which Clara is using in her "about me" section, while we were shooting a wedding together in Kamloops last Summer!

This girl is a babe, and I'm am braving the cold weather of Edmonton this coming Friday to go visit her.  
Hurray!  We are counting down the days, and can't wait to be together again!