styled shoot // maligne canyon & a floral crown

This photo shoot was the craziest one that Clara and I did while we were in Jasper.  Temperatures were incredibly warm for this time of year (hovering around 0 degrees Celsius the whole time we were there!), but it was still chilly as we descended down into the frozen canyon.

I hiked down into the canyon with my dress tucked into my pants, and then hopped back and forth between hiking shoes and heeled boots once we started taking photos.  That, combined with my floral crown, made me a sight to see!  We did get quite a number of stares from other hikers (who were all very practically dressed in full winter gear, and often had snowshoes on!), but Clara and I are so far past having any shame.  

The canyon was breathtaking.  There were walls of ice where waterfalls normally are, and steep rock rose up around us as we walked down the frozen river.  

Clara and I both had such a clear vision on how we wanted this shoot to go, and we agreed that it was so wonderful having someone who understood exactly what you had in mind, and were crazy enough to go for it with you! (Hop on over to her photography site here.)

P.S. Next time we'll bring snow shoes! ;)