oatmeal & plaid

So guess who jumped on the leather leggings trend two years after it happened?  This girl.


Seriously though, they're insanely comfy, and I like that they give an outfit a bit of an edge.  I just make sure I always follow the number 1 rule when wearing leggings: "make sure your top covers your butt".  Because, yes they're awesome, but no, they're still not pants.

Also, I think it's pretty hilarious that these were called "vegan leather leggings".  Haha.  What the heck?  Nice marketing there Urban Outfitters!

scarf: c/o farminista // jacket: garage // sweater: garage // "vegan" leather leggings: UO // moccassins: minnetonka // toque: forever21

And this scarf is my new Winter favorite.  It's huge, and cozy, and plaid.  What's not to love?