explore alberta

Exactly a month ago I was in Edmonton visiting a couple of my besties!  You know that I truly love them a lot when I choose to take a vacation in Alberta during winter, instead of in Mexico by the beach. Ha!

Days were filled with us seeking out cute cafes, bakeries, and sandwich shops, and the nights were filled with the gathering of friends, and games.  Edmonton feels strangely like home to me, especially as I meet more and more people each time I visit (this was my 4th visit in as many years).  Who knows...maybe one day I'll move out there?

In case you're ever in Edmonton, here are a few of the places we ate at!

Cafe Tiramisu // had the best goat cheese panini here, complete with an apple-pear compote and arugula - so heavenly (and it might just inspire a new recipe coming soon!)

Duchess Bake Shop // located right near Cafe Tiramisu, which made it perfect to go for dessert after lunch.  such a gorgeous shop, with treats that had us drooling.  I had a mini salted caramel chocolate cake with gold foil on top!  gold foil!  as well as some classic macarons. so good!

The Common // a very cool vintage meets modern club, that also hosts an eclectic mix of live musicians.  Clara and I shared chicken and waffles (AMAZING! although I was a bit wary at first...) and their spaghetti squash pasta.  it was ridiculously good.

Dauphine Bakery and Bistro // again, their desserts were incredible, although a bit more upscale than your average bakery (in price and quality). 

Cafe Bicyclette // adorable cafe with lots of windows and a brick wall. and you can order in french!

Farrow Sandwiches // a newish sandwich shop that I had found through instagram!  we felt pretty hipster ordering our vegan sandwiches while watching them make slow coffee....and it was the best.

My dear friend Clara and I even managed to do a mini girls trip in Jasper!  I had never been before, and it just took my breath away.  Rugged mountains, bright blue water, walls of ice, hidden lakes, and a wildness like no other.  We had such an incredible time exploring together, and appreciating nature at it's best.  

We also took the opportunity to take as many styled posts as we could (that would be four in two days people!), and I cannot wait to share them!  I will say that we got a few strange looks from people....especially when we hiked down into the frozen Maligne Canyon wearing dresses and hiking boots.  Ha!  All in all, it was such a great time to delve deeper into our friendship, and we had such an amazing time creating art together again.

We even took a bit of video footage while we were there, so here's a little sneak peek of our time in Jasper! 

See you around Alberta!