styled shoot // the jasper mountains & a poncho

Please say hello to my new favorite piece of clothing.  Clara and I found it in Urban Outfitters on the sale rack....and we waffled back and forth on whether or not I should get it.  It is kind of out there.  Definitely not something I would normally wear.  But, we both agreed that it would look fantastic in photos.  Is that a bad reason to buy clothes?  Probably.

But, I fell in love.  Completely.  It just feels right.  And I get to wear a "blanket" in public, and nobody can judge of me.  #Amirite?

Also, neither of us could decide what to call every time we talk about it we say something different.  Poncho?  Cape?  Blanket?  Orange thingy?   I dunno.  I keep coming back to poncho...but cape definitely sounds cooler. Maybe?'s another shoot we did while we were in January earlier this year!  It was  so very windy.  Mostly I was trying to semi-control my hair, as well as desperately trying to stop my eyes from watering.  But it was gorgeous.  Seriously Mother Nature, good on ya!

For the full set of photos, please visit Clara's photography website!


P.S.  Now, can Clara and I get paid to travel and take pictures in gorgeous places? Please?!