classic black & a peter pan collar

This dress.  It is perfection.  I have such a weakness for peter pan collars, and I think this lace one adds just the right amount of whimsical detail to this classic little black dress.  Lately I've been drawn to simple, classic shapes, and I feel as though an overhaul of my closet is in order!  This dress might just be the heart of what I would like my new wardrobe to be.

Now, how lovely is this field that I'm standing in?  It's located right beside our farm, and I knew that the long grass, wildflowers, and blue mountains standing tall in the distance would make a beautiful backdrop.  I took these photos at exactly the right time, as a couple days later the entire field was plowed and seeded with corn!  #farmlife

dress: fleet collection // book: "Heidi" from Rifle Paper Co.

These photos are the latest installment of the "Kelsey takes her own photos" series, and this time my remote wasn't even working so it was that much more of an adventure.  So, please excuse the botched focus on a few of them... #itsartistic?


p.s. I could live in crown braids forever!