Oregon Coast Road trip // day 2: Astoria, Seaside & Cannon Beach

View of Cannon beach from Ecola State Park

View of Cannon beach from Ecola State Park

Day 2 of our Oregon Coast road trip is finally here!  It was such a wonderful day, full of quaint oceanside towns, and one of the most classic Oregon Coast features...Cannon Beach.

We started our day by driving down through Washington (so gorgeous), and into Oregon (yay!).  I had heard that Astoria was worth stopping in, and that was an understatement.  It's such a beautiful city, and was chock full of antique stores, good eats, and had a stunning view of the water.  Lunch was had at a funky local cafe, called Astoria Coffehouse and Bistro", and it was so darn good. 

Next, we drove along the coast until we reached Ecola State Park.  Clara, Jordyn and I all agreed that this park and it's beach might just be our favorite part of the entire trip.  The winding drive to get into the park through massive trees, the viewpoints looking down onto Cannon Beach, and the most perfect little hidden beach all combined to make it pretty special.  It was a little piece of heaven here on earth for sure!

I had found a smokin' deal on groupon for a seaside resort in....wait for it....Seaside (the town), and it was so lovely (it was called Ebb Tide Resort).  We could see the ocean from our balcony, and our room was huge!  Definitely a winner.  After our Ecola State Park adventure, we came back to our room, freshened up, and then headed out to the iconic Cannon Beach.

Ahh...Cannon Beach.  This was one part in our trip that I hadn't planned to death....and therefore didn't know how big it was, and we ended up going for quite a walk to get to haystack rock and back.  Boohoo right?  We had to walk on a gorgeous beach at sunset.  Ha!

Supper was the cherry on top of an already brilliant day, as we totally stumbled upon a real gem.  Bill's Tavern!  A local restaurant that brews their own beer (Clara tried their jalapeno one, and Jordyn had a peach one!), uses local ingredients for much of their food, and had cheap prices to boot!  Such a gooder.

And of course...a few phone photos to finish off!

That about sums up day 2!  Congrats if you made it through all of my rambling (and an insane amount of photos!  (Day 1: Seattle & more is here in case you missed it!).