rhubarb juice & rum (and almost mojitos)

Now you're probably thinking....what's with the strange title?  Right?  I know, it's totally weird.  I just didn't quite know what to call this recipe, other than what it was.  Rhubarb juice & rum.  The lazy man's mojito.

I'm still on my rhubarb kick, and have been loving my rhubarb juice!  In fact, I made a giant barch of rhubarb juice and froze two cup portions in mason jars so that I can enjoy rhubarb juice all year!  Or at least for as long as it lasts me...

This recipe was born out of a craving for a blended rhubarb drink.  I threw rhubarb juice and ice into our blender, then added a bit of coconut rum, and just a sprinkling of sugar.  I like things TART!  And voila!  Rhubarb juice & rum was born.  I didn't bother with any club soda, mint leaves or lime, but you totally could just make my proper rhubarb mojitos from a couple of weeks ago, and blend it all up.  There's something about a blended drink that I just love so much!

rhubarb & rum (almost a mojito)

yield: 2 drinks


Blend your rhubarb juice, coconut rum, and ice cubes together until desired consistency is reached.  Take a taste and add more rum if you'd like.  Add sugar until you're satisfied!  (I usually only add about a teaspoon, since I like it quite tart!)

*You'll notice that your drink will separate fairly quickly, so be sure to keep stirring it as you drink!


1 cup rhubarb juice

1/4 cup coconut rum (or more!)

10-12 ice cubes

sugar to taste (or honey, agave syrup, or the sweetener of your choice)

I have not quite come to terms with the fact that rhubarb season is quickly drawing to an end....say it isn't so!