a doctor who party

My sister's birthday was a few weeks ago, and, as always, she chose an epic theme for her party.  Two years ago the theme was DINOSAURS, and the year before that it was moustaches!  In case you're wondering....no, she is not in fact a 12-year old boy.  Ha!

This year she chose Doctor Who!  We're both huge fans, and thought it would be fun to have an excuse to dress up, and to use her giant cardboard cutout TARDIS (a large blue telephone box, for the non-Whovians out there!).

I dressed up as Amy, Jordyn was Rose, and we were so impressed by how many of her friends dressed up as characters even though a lot of them aren't even fans!  It was such a fun night, and we're quite excited that the new season starts today!

And if you're thinking of throwing your own party, here are the sources/ideas of things that we did!

Fish Finger Cookies with (vanilla) custard - Jordyn made them using this recipe from bakingdom, and dang were they good!

Sugar cookies were also made with royal icing and key phrases from past Doctor Who seasons.

Jordyn bought a pack of Doctor who props from Etsy, which made the photobooth extra fun!

6-foot TARDIS cardboard cut-out - from Thinkgeek.com

Dalek cupcake wrappers - user F-A on deviantart

3-D Glasses sugar cookies - sugar cookie recipe & we used jolly ranchers as the candy inside. 

assandra was made from a giant sugar cookie and a bit of icing.

We hope you enjoyed a peek at our kooky side!

-Kelsey & Jordyn