blush lace among plum trees

Living on a farm is a weird and wonderful thing.  Nearly everyone you meet dreams of living on a farm, although very few realize the amount of work that goes into running one.  Plants and animals don't care about weekends or holidays, and often the amount of work that needs done in a day is much greater than eight hours worth.  This is especially true during harvest time.  Our family has been running hard for the last six weeks already picking apples, plums, pears, pumpkins, potatoes, squash, gourds, and more, and we're all eagerly awaiting November 1st (aka: the next day our store is closed)!

So while I live on a beautiful farm, I sometimes forget how lovely it is.  Where others might romanticize the rows of apple trees and fields bursting with pumpkins, I sometimes just see it as my workplace.  I've been trying to slow down during this busy season, and really appreciate the beauty that I get to work in every day.  

So even when I'm covered in dirt, I'm pretty darn thankful that this is my home.

dress: fleet collection (which is sadly no longer in business!)

dress: fleet collection (which is sadly no longer in business!)

I took these photos a few weeks ago when there were still plums on our trees, and I love the little spots of purple that are peaking through the trees!