fall bucket lists & a mustard dress

You want to know something funny?  I tick off nearly everything on those Fall bucket lists that you see floating around pinterest at this time of year every day at work.  Apple picking?  Check.  Hayrides?  I sometimes drive one (always empty though...haha).  Pumpkin patch exploring?  Check.  Misty morning walks?  Check.  Sip apple cider?  Heck, I help make it!

I don't mean to throw any shade at those lists AT ALL.  I love that I get to experience all of those Fall things every single day.  It can be hard sometimes to see the joy in all the little things when it's your job, but I try my best!  It's easy to take farm life for granted when it's all you've ever known, and some parts aren't all that fun.  But, it's such a unique experience, and I always remind myself of how lucky I am to work with the land in such a beautiful part of the world.

Fall really is my favourite time of year, although sometimes I wish I had a bit more time to savour it without all the stress and business that comes from our farm.  I have felt almost panicked these past couple of weeks as I watch the trees change colour and lose their leaves...thinking, I haven't explored enough or taken enough photos!  I know that's silly, and I'm hoping for many beautiful Fall adventures come November 1st!

Anyhow....let's talk about this dress!  I snagged it off the sale rack at H&M for 10 bucks.  Heck yes!  I am such a sucker for mustard, and love this addition to my ever-growing mustard collection.

Happy Fall Bucket list checking off!


P.S.  Let me know which activities are on your Fall bucket list and if you've checked any off yet!