orchard adventures with amy & victor (there's pie, galettes, and cake...oh my!)

Ahhhh....I am SO SO EXCITED to share this shoot with you all!  ALSO....please mentally prepare yourself for sooooo many photos!!

Amy (of Constellation Inspiration) and Victor and I got together again for an epic adventure, this time in my hometown of Abbotsford!  First stop was Oldhand Coffee, where Amy and I ordered hot drinks even though it was a million degrees outside (but they're so much prettier than cold drinks...hahaha), as well as a plethora of baked goods.  Such a good start to our afternoon!

From there, we headed to the farm, where Amy and I proceeded to whip up the browned butter Swiss Meringue buttercream, and Victor helped my dad figure out how to fly his new drone.....HA!  Once we had the cake iced, we packed all of our props and food up, and headed out to the orchard on two of our mini farm vehicles.  (They are a bit like golf carts, except covered in dirt.  Haha.)  It was quite the sight to see!

We set up this beautiful table that I got from a local shop (The Market by Spruce Collective) in the middle of the orchard, nestled between a row of apples and plums.  The sun was low in the West, and we had pretty dreamy light to work in as it set.  Amy had the Lumineers playing to set the mood, and the whole evening was pure perfection.

So, I baked two pies and two galettes for the table!  One was a classic apple pie (recipe here), and the other pie was strawberry rhubarb (recipe here).   Amy baked a heavenly apple cake with brown butter swiss meringue buttercream icing, and you can pop over to her blog to find the recipe and read her version of the day!

Victor is amazing, and put up with our shenanigans throughout the night.  Apparently Amy and I can't keep a straight face around each other.  Haha.  I seriously love shooting with these two....so much more fun than by myself!  Although I must say that I just feel like a big derp next to stunningly photogenic being that is Amy.  Seriously, that girl knows how to work the camera! <3

Photography: Victor Yuen | Table: The Market by Spruce Collective | Kelsey's Dress: Spruce Collective |
Amy's Dress: Old Navy | Location: Willow View Farms

We're already dreaming up a winter shoot...so stay tuned!

-Kelsey (& Amy & Victor)

p.s. apparently a "feeding amy photo" has become a thing at the end of our photo shoots......I'm not mad about it ;)