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orchard adventures with amy & victor (there's pie, galettes, and cake...oh my!)

Ahhhh....I am SO SO EXCITED to share this shoot with you all!  ALSO....please mentally prepare yourself for sooooo many photos!!

Amy (of Constellation Inspiration) and Victor and I got together again for an epic adventure, this time in my hometown of Abbotsford!  First stop was Oldhand Coffee, where Amy and I ordered hot drinks even though it was a million degrees outside (but they're so much prettier than cold drinks...hahaha), as well as a plethora of baked goods.  Such a good start to our afternoon!

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a doctor who party

My sister's birthday was a few weeks ago, and, as always, she chose an epic theme for her party.  Two years ago the theme was DINOSAURS, and the year before that it was moustaches!  In case you're, she is not in fact a 12-year old boy.  Ha!

This year she chose Doctor Who!  We're both huge fans, and thought it would be fun to have an excuse to dress up, and to use her giant cardboard cutout TARDIS (a large blue telephone box, for the non-Whovians out there!).

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explore // lighthouse park

Waaaaay back in January I wrote a post about my goals for 2015, and rather than making a concrete list of things to do, I decided to choose a word instead.  That word was explore.  I definitely think I've been doing a much better job this year of exploring this beautiful province that I live in, and I'd love to share a few of my favorite outings with you in the coming months. 

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