Christmas cookie box // a Christmas baking round-up


For as long as I can remember, my mom has made a bunch of different kinds of Christmas cookies, barks, bars, etc, and packaged them up on plates for gifts! Most people these days don’t really need anything for Christmas, but homemade baking is always appreciated. You can never have too many cookies, right?

This year I created a cute little cookie box to showcase some of our favourite go to recipes. I didn’t get too fancy, and simply used a box I found at Michaels craft store, although I’ve seen lots at dollar stores too! And then I just cut cardstock in different lengths to act as dividers to provide a bit more structure. You can just tape these to the bottom of the box!

Tips for a good cookie box:

  • Vary the colour, size, and texture of your baking - cookies vs bars vs fudge vs bark, or dark chocolate vs white chocolate, or small pieces of fudge vs gingerbread men cookies

  • A few store bought candies or marshmallows act as great fillers for very little work!

  • Bake things in stages beforehand and keep them in the freezer (most cookies and barks freeze remarkably well in an airtight container, keeping them fresh for weeks!) This allows you to assemble boxes in the weeks/days before Christmas without feeling like you have to bake everything last minute or on the same day.

  • Keep portions relatively small - the holidays are a decadent time, and people appreciate smaller sizes (aka: they can try more than one thing without feeling sick…ha!)

  • Stick to 4-6 different types of baking! Don’t feel like you need to go too crazy to have a great looking box.

  • And lastly…have fun with it!

Alsoooo….please don’t laugh too hard at some of the photos in the recipes below. Okay? Well, maybe you can laugh just a little. Some of them are OLD POSTS. Like years and years old. It’s pretty neat to see how far I’ve come, even if some of the shots make me cringe a little inside. Hahaha.

Happy Christmas cookie baking!