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our UK trip // scotland - land of my heart forever

Oh Scotland.  Stunning landscapes of mountains and waterfalls, hearty bowls of homemade soup, castles, lochs, and legends.... you are a treasure.

Never before have I felt so at home somewhere so instantaneously.  The Highlands especially, with their beauty and intriguing history, stole my heart.  There was so much to see, taste, and explore, and the time we spent there was much too short.  

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(Christmas) shortbread cookies

It's that time of year again where our house is filled with Christmas baking, our Christmas tree is standing proudly in our living room, and lights are strung up everywhere. I love how cozy our home feels, and now if it would just snow on Christmas eve that would be perfect.  (It's snowed once here this year, halfheartedly, and then the weather remembered we're not like the rest of Canada and jumped back up to 15 degrees.  Booya!)

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