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dairy-free coconut yule log

Oh hey friends!  I am super excited to be sharing a dairy-free version of the Yule Log that I make for my family every Christmas.  It's an icebox cake that's normally made by layering thin chocolate cookies with whipped cream, and then freezing.  The cookies absorb some of the moisture from the whipped cream, and it changes to a cake like texture.

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(award-winning) ginger peach pie

Oh hi friends!  Long time now see.  It was a crazy crazy Summer on the farm, hence the lack of blogging.  But there was not a lack of we're going to play catch-up for a while!  Starting with this AWARD-WINNING PEACH PIE.

So.  A local farm market (Lepp Farm Market...for you Fraser Valley locals!) had a peach pie contest in late August....and I thought to myself "hmm....I should maybe enter that!".  So I did.  And there were SO MANY PIES!!!  19 to be exact.  Those "poor" judges who had to taste them all...Ha!  Anyway, I made a peach pie for the first time, added some freshly grated ginger, and won 2nd place.  Yahoo!  So so excited...hence the cheeky title of this post.  

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