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pumpkin snickerdoodles (with a spiced glaze)

I know I know! I’m putting pumpkin in cookies!! Please don’t freak out…I promise they are DELICIOUS.

Something about adding in a bit of pumpkin puree to these snickerdoodle cookies just makes them the FLUFFIEST cookies ever. I definitely didn’t just stop at one. Soft, chewy, a bit cakey, and with a warm spiced glaze on top….this is my new go-to Fall treat! There is a tiny bit of chilling of the do involved…just a head’s up! Nothing major though, so preheat your oven and wash your dishes while they hang out in the fridge for half an hour. No biggie.

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#ad - pumpkin sheet cake with vanilla frosting and maple glaze (lactose free!)

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Oh hey friends! I am so so excited to be sharing this wonderfully simple pumpkin sheet cake with you today! It's completely no-fuss, and serves a crowd beautifully. The maple drizzle makes it look extra fancy, but it really is the easiest thing ever. I'd say that's a win win situation.

Living on a pumpkin farm means that I have an abundance of pumpkins at my disposal, and I always end up making cake a few times during the Fall season. There’s something about pumpkins that is so magical, and the fact that you can bake with them is so fun! A dash of cinnamon and allspice complement the pumpkin flavour so well, and we top the cake with fluffy vanilla frosting, and finish it off with the maple drizzle. Simple decadence at its best. What also makes this recipe unique, is that it’s lactose free! I have a few friends who can’t have lactose, and it’s so perfect to have a few recipes up my sleeve that they can enjoy. I used Dairyland Plus TruTaste Lactose Free 1% Milk in the cake, and it worked perfectly.

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how to cook & puree pumpkin

Oh hello friends! Today we’re talking about all things pumpkin! Living on a pumpkin farm means that I didn’t even understand that you could buy pumpkin in a can until I was an adult. Ha! My mom always cooked up a bunch of puree every Fall, and would put it in the freezer in 2 cup portions, so that we could easily pull it out all Winter long.

The good news is that it’s ridiculously easy to make! Honestly the hardest part about it is cutting the pumpkin open, especially if you have a large one. So many specialty pumpkins taste amazing, and some are actually a type of squash! Porcelain Doll, Blue Doll, Queensland Blue, Jarrahdale, Autumn Buckskin, Peanut Pumpkins, Cinderella, Sugar, and Baby Pam are just a few that we grow and that make sweet, creamy puree! I prefer something smaller like Sugar if I just want one serving of puree for a recipe, but I’ll go with one of the larger varieties when cooking up a big batch for the freezer. I love that they both decorate my house, and then are eaten. That’s a win win.

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