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rhubarb galette

Here we go with another rhubarb recipe!  This one involves the easiest pastry dough ever, and is perfect for when you don't quite feel like committing to an entire pie.  It's quick, it's easy, and it's delicious.

We're talking about a rhubarb galette!  Simply make the dough, chill for an hour while you get the rhubarb filling ready and preheat the oven, and then put it all together.  I chose to make a fancy pattern on top, but it tastes the same whether you do that, or simply dice the rhubarb.  Galettes are so perfect for those long, warm summer nights, and I look forward to eating many while sitting on my patio!

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plum galette

Oh hello Fall! my mind Fall has arrived. Ha!  What can I say?  When you work on an apple and pumpkin farm, it tends to "arrive" a bit early.  We've been picking apples since July, and have already harvested a ton of pumpkins to get ready to sell, and I love it.  

Fall might just be my favourite season....from crisp, foggy mornings, hot drinks, all of the seasonal fruit that's ready to harvest, and colourful leaves, I love it all.  

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sauteed onion, spinach, and feta - savoury galette

Oh hey there!  May I present to very first savoury galette!  

I've been seeing dreamy versions of savoury galettes all over pinterest made with roasted butternut squash and bacon, fig and goat cheese, mushroom and leek...the list goes on!  I knew I needed this in my life immediately, and after much deliberation over ingredients, I decided to keep it simple.  Spinach, sauteed onions, parmesan, and feta.  Things that you probably have in your fridge right now!

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peach galettes

Confession time....I just made my first galette this Summer.  Shameful I know!  I have no idea why, since they are so ridiculously easy.  I love how rustically imperfect they are, so charming!

Galettes have been happening quite a bit in our house lately, and it's usually due to leftover pie dough that needs to be used up!  I love how versatile galettes are, as you can toss in almost any fruit, and make your galette whatever size you wish.

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