Hello, I'm Kelsey!  And I'm so glad you're here.


I grew up on a beautiful farm in the idyllic Fraser Valley in BC, Canada, and work there alongside my parents. 

Apples, plums, pears, pumpkins, squash, potatoes, corn, garlic, and more.

I come from a long line of bakers and farmers, and think that there is nothing as satisfying as harvesting your own produce.  It's been hugely influential in my life and  how I view food, and I love using fresh, local produce when I can.  From kneading bread, to braiding pie dough, baking is therapy for me...and has given my scientific brain an outlet for creativity.  Baking is a science after all.


Food is my love language....so stay a while, and let me love you.


Still want to know more?  I have a BSc. from UBC in Geographical Biogeosciences (say that 5 times fast), specializing in geomorphology and ecology, and have always had a love for growing things, rocks, meteorites, volcanoes, etc.  Now I get to play in the dirt and get paid for it...so that's a win win.

Favourite things:
salted caramel anything, sour cream doughnuts, foggy days, pumpkin cake, popcorn, cats, stormy nights,
mountains, Scotland, fairytales, and Fall mornings.

Still want to know more?
I have an addiction to buying houseplants, and I always have cake in my freezer.   I'm an introvert, but have slowly grown out of my shyness.  I only started drinking coffee after university, and I still only drink lattes (baby steps!).  I love to travel and love eating my way through new cities, but am honestly happiest on the farm or in my home.  

I've been blogging in some type of capacity since 2010!  Looking back always causes some cringes, but also pride in how far I've come.  I've gained friends, new skills, and a confidence that goes beyond the kitchen.   I hope you stay a while, and poke around the recipe archives to find something new to try!