hello there!

Hello there and welcome to my new blog, The Farmer's Daughter!

If you've followed me over from my old blog (p.s.heart), thank you!  And if you're a new reader, then it's nice to meet you.  

My name is Kelsey.  I'm a farmgirl to the bone, and live on an apple and pumpkin farm in the gorgeous Fraser Valley.  I like talking about food, photography and crafting.  Salted caramel anything is the quickest way to my heart, and you're sure to be sick of hearing about it if you decide to stick around here!

This space will be filled mostly with recipes, as well as the odd style post, hair tutorial, and maybe a bit of calligraphy!  Take a look around, and don't be shy....I'd love it if you said hi!

(I've moved over and archived some of my latest recipes and style posts from p.s.heart, so even though this is the first "official" post on this blog, there are older posts as well!)

I'm excited about this new space, and can't wait to fill it with doughnuts, ice cream, and.....you guessed it, salted caramel everything!


p.s.  a little birdie told me that nutella ice cream will be the first recipe debuting here!! 

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