a quick guide to winter squash


We grow so many different kinds of squash, and they're all so unique!  They were begging to be photographed, so I decided to oblige them.

Now as  kid I did NOT like squash.  Not at all.  The famous question at dinner time was always "Kelsey, do you want a little bit of squash..... or a lot?".  Somehow the idea that I didn't like squash had formed in my mind, and being the stubborn child I was, I refused to eat it.

I've since grown up (a little bit), and am slowly trying to incorporate it back into my diet.  My very favorite way to eat it is squash soup (recipe here), although my family usually serves it as a side dish, simply baked in the oven and served with butter (and maybe brown sugar!).


Delicata (sweet potato squash) - Our favorite!   It has thin, edible skin, and tends not to store as long as other squash types.  It has a nice smooth and creamy consistency (similar to a sweet potato) once cooked.

Butternut - Another top pick of our family!  It has a beige outer colour, and is bright orange on the inside.  It's nice and sweet, has a smooth consistency, and is delicious roasted, or pureed for soup (find my recipe for soup here!), and is also lovely for baking!


Spaghetti - The inside of this mild-tasting squash has the consistency of spaghetti!  Once you cook it, the flesh resembles noodles, and can be a great alternative to pasta. 


Carnival - When searching for the perfect carnival squash, look for dark green markings with hints of deep orange/yellow.  This squash is best when baked or roasted, and has a sweet, nutty flavour. 

Ambercup - This squash is a type of Kabocha squash, and tends to be sweeter than it's green counterpart.  Ambercup tends to have a very long storage life.

Kabocha - There are many types of Kabocha (which is the Japanese word for squash), and is also known as Japanese pumpkin.  Although generally not as sweet as red Kabocha, it is still sweet, and has a nutty flavour.

Now that's my amateur-ish quick guide to squash.  Thanks to my family for all the tips!

Keep an eye out for squash related recipes coming soon!