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peach blackberry pie

Say hello to your new favourite Summer pie!  Peaches and blackberries are a match made in heaven.  Sweet peaches are made even better by the pop of flavour that tart blackberries bring (I'm a huge fan of tart things!), and be sure to add a scoop of ice cream on top to really take this pie to the next level.

Now, social media is sometimes the worst....but sometimes it's the absolute best.  I had followed Kristie from The Sweet and Simple Kitchen on instagram for a while now, and a couple weeks ago she messaged me asking to have a baking date!  It was reminiscent of my very first insta-friend meet-up with my now good friend Amy, minus the sleepover that Amy and I had. Ha!

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(award-winning) ginger peach pie

Oh hi friends!  Long time now see.  It was a crazy crazy Summer on the farm, hence the lack of blogging.  But there was not a lack of we're going to play catch-up for a while!  Starting with this AWARD-WINNING PEACH PIE.

So.  A local farm market (Lepp Farm Market...for you Fraser Valley locals!) had a peach pie contest in late August....and I thought to myself "hmm....I should maybe enter that!".  So I did.  And there were SO MANY PIES!!!  19 to be exact.  Those "poor" judges who had to taste them all...Ha!  Anyway, I made a peach pie for the first time, added some freshly grated ginger, and won 2nd place.  Yahoo!  So so excited...hence the cheeky title of this post.  

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