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blood orange doughnuts with blood orange glaze

Today we’re talking about fluffy fluffy DOUGHNUTS. They have the freshest zest of blood orange in them, and I can’t get enough of them.

This doughnut recipe is seriously so simple, and the options for the toppings are endless! I chose a pink blood orange glaze with a splatter of gold, but you could simply roll in powdered sugar or granulated sugar, glaze with a thin plain glaze, or choose the glaze type of your choice. I think a rich chocolate glaze would go so perfectly with the zesty orange flavour of the doughnuts too! And of course, you can swap out the blood orange with any citrus…yay!

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peppermint mocha baked doughnuts

These peppermint mocha doughnuts are divine.  I knew that this combo of flavours had the potential to get super sweet and rich, especially with the chocolate glaze, so I made sure that the cake part of the doughnut wasn't super sweet!  The coffee and cocoa powder flavours really stand out, and then the chocolate peppermint glaze brings back a bit of sweetness.  It is so good!

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lemon doughnuts with raspberry glaze

I love love anything lemon!  It pairs incredibly well with so many different foods, and it's such a lovely flavor for Summer.

A few weeks ago I decided to experiment with lemon doughnuts, and knew that a raspberry glaze would be so delicious with them.  The raspberry glaze gets bonus points as well since the colour of it is so darn pretty.  No food colouring needed people! 

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