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raspberry rhubarb pie

Hey there!  Today I am so excited to talk about a little pie collab that I'm doing with a few of my blogger friends!  NateErin, Kate, and myself are all sharing our favourite pastry recipes and a berry pie today.  Their names link to their blog posts, so please hop on over and give them some love!  The internet is so weird, but I love it.  And it is the coolest thing ever that I get to connect with and (make friends with!!) incredibly talented people!

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lemon doughnuts with raspberry glaze

I love love anything lemon!  It pairs incredibly well with so many different foods, and it's such a lovely flavor for Summer.

A few weeks ago I decided to experiment with lemon doughnuts, and knew that a raspberry glaze would be so delicious with them.  The raspberry glaze gets bonus points as well since the colour of it is so darn pretty.  No food colouring needed people! 

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raspberry macarons with coconut butter cream filling

You guys I did it!!!! I made macarons!!

It's been something I've been wanting to do for such a long time, but have been way to chicken to try it. Ha!  I made them a few years ago with a mix that my friend Clara and I bought, and we had no idea what we were doing!  They actually turned out semi-decent, but I knew I wanted to make them properly, from scratch.

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