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gluten free protein waffles with a pomegranate glaze // #partner

Hello friends!  I can hardly believe that 2019 is upon us.  How crazy is that? I thought it’d be fitting to start the new year with something both delicious AND healthy, since I know that creating healthy habits is on a lot of people’s minds during this time of year.

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dairy-free coconut yule log

Oh hey friends!  I am super excited to be sharing a dairy-free version of the Yule Log that I make for my family every Christmas.  It's an icebox cake that's normally made by layering thin chocolate cookies with whipped cream, and then freezing.  The cookies absorb some of the moisture from the whipped cream, and it changes to a cake like texture.

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raspberry macarons with coconut butter cream filling

You guys I did it!!!! I made macarons!!

It's been something I've been wanting to do for such a long time, but have been way to chicken to try it. Ha!  I made them a few years ago with a mix that my friend Clara and I bought, and we had no idea what we were doing!  They actually turned out semi-decent, but I knew I wanted to make them properly, from scratch.

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